Sparkling clean homes and villas

Our housekeepers are the best on Hilton Head Island and care very much about our guests' vacation experience.  They complete their cleaning thoroughly and efficiently, then notify our inspector who confirms your property is ready.  All of us at host2coast are following CDC protocol.

COVID PROTOCOL:  To provide for your safety, we perform enhanced cleaning that includes airing out each space during cleaning, frequent handwashing, sanitizing high-touch surfaces, washing all dishes and laundry with high-heat settings, safely disposing of used cleaning supplies and PPE, and wiping down all cleaning equipment in between uses.

Some property notes to help you enjoy your stay:

Refrigerator:  Fridge and freezer settings should be mid-range.  Allow overnight cooling after filling with groceries.
Air Conditioner:  A/C will not cool more than 20 degrees below the outside temp.  Please do not set thermostat below 65 degrees to avoid system freezing up.  DOORS/WINDOWS should not be open while A/C is running, otherwise, system may shut down.

A departure cleaning is included with each rental.  We kindly ask that you do the following prior to leaving:

Please place all bath and beach towels you have used on bathroom floor, separating orange beach towels, black make-up towels and whites.  Housekeeping will strip all beds.  
Bag all trash and place in trash chutes or outdoor receptacles provided.
Please load and start dishwasher.
Set thermostat at 75 (cool) for summer and at 55 (heat) for winter.
Replace all furniture to the original location you found upon arrival.
Please lock all windows and doors.
Turn off all lights.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in following our guidelines with the purpose of making your stay comfortable.  Our housekeeping team sends you heartfelt thanks and wishes for safe travel home!

P.S.  Should you decide to leave prior to the 10AM check-out time, will you please notify us the day before to help us properly schedule housekeeping for incoming guests?  Thank you!

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